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Home for more than 1000 marketers in Finland. Ask questions, share ideas, get advice, and connect with your marketing peers!


We frequently organize activities for marketers in our community. Some of the things we organize regularly are in-person informal meetups, webinars and anything else community members want.

Super awesome marketers

We're united by one common goal: help marketers in Finland meet each other, improve their skills, and progress in their careers. We're volunteers who run this community in our free time.Here you can see the faces of people who helped to shape the community into what we're now.

Anna Pogrebniak
founder & community admin

Ekaterina Berdysheva
events & everything

Colm O Searcoid
tech & research

Em Seikkanen

Delfin Vassallo

Faheem Iftikhar
events & mentoring

Carole Kurowski

Maria Tolonen

Polina Zyaparova

Sjoerd Handgraaf

Madhu Chaudhuri
events & mentoring

Tareque Mahmud
all things YouTube

What we do

Our community is a testing ground for the experiments and personal activities of our members. Most of our activities started as "What if we do this?" suggestion by one of the awesome marketers.Some of our initiatives:

  • All kinds of events, in-person meetups and online webinars

  • Networking & Virtual Coffee Matches

  • Mentoring program

  • Marketing Salary in Finland reports

  • Job board

  • NGO marketing support - volunteering