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We frequently organize activities for marketers in our community. Some of the things we organize regularly are in-person informal meetups, webinars and anything else community members want.

Super awesome marketers

Our community is all about bringing marketers in Finland together, helping them improve their skills, and advancing in their careers.We're a group of volunteers who run this community in our free time because we're passionate about helping others succeed.And hey, if you want to see who's behind all of this hard work, check out the faces of the people who helped shape our community into what it is today.

Anna Pogrebniak
founder & community admin

Ekaterina Berdysheva
events & everything

Colm O Searcoid
tech & research

Em Seikkanen

Delfin Vassallo

Faheem Iftikhar
events & mentoring

Carole Kurowski

Maria Tolonen

Polina Zyaparova

Saila Marin

Saila Marin

Nicoletta Franchino

Jessi Christian

Sjoerd Handgraaf

Madhu Chaudhuri
events & mentoring

Tareque Mahmud
all things YouTube

Support us

Our community is built by volunteers at our own time and expense. If you want to support us, you can use our partner services. It's important that sign up using the links below.List of affiliated services:

  • AdCreative, ad visuals created by AI, free trial comes with 10 images

  • Adzooma, platform for smooth & automatic ad optimization

  • Carrd, one-pager website hosting, this website was build on Carrd

  • Cleverly, LinkedIn lead gen agency

  • CXL, best way to learn marketing online, collection of courses for junior to senior marketers

  • Growth Mentor, matchmaking platform for 1:1 marketing & startup mentorship

  • Headlime, AI-powered copywriting

  • Hello Bar, popups for your website

  • Leadfeeder, website visitor analytics & B2B lead gen software

  • Livestorm, best webinar software out there

  • MakeForms, advanced form builder

  • MarketerHire, platform for marketing freelancers

  • monday.com, CRM & project management

  • Notion, all-in-one workspace for notes, project management, documents, and collaboration

  • Notion AI, AI-powered project management, writing and brainstorming

  • StoryChief, AI support for blog creation with SEO

  • Supermetrics, marketing data powerhouse

  • Woodpecker, cold email automation

  • UKKO, invoicing for light entrepreneurs, you get €50 euros once you invoice €300 if you use the link to register.

What we do

Our community is all about trying out new ideas and personal projects from our members. Most of the things we do actually started as a simple "What if we do this?" suggestion from one of our awesome marketers.It's a great place to test out your ideas and get feedback from others who are just as passionate about marketing as you are. So, if you have an idea that you've been dying to try out, why not bring it to our community and see where it takes you?Some of our initiatives (past and present):

  • All kinds of events, in-person meetups and online webinars

  • Networking & Virtual Coffee

  • Mentoring

  • Marketing Salary in Finland reports

  • Job board, job seeking and CV/cover letter advice

  • Marketing support for NGOs